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Ama Brewery LAU Milk Oolong (pet-nat tea)

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Ama Brewery is a producer of very low alcohol yet amazingly sophisticated pét-nat teas, a.k.a. sparkling kombuchas. The brewery is located in the Basque Country of Spain. The water for brewing the tea base is pure Basque mountain water from springs in the Izarraitz Massif. LAU (= "four" in Basque) is made from Milk Ooling tea from Taiwan, brewed in small batches of under 300 bottles at a time and aged 6 months in the bottle. It's fullish-bodied, reasonably dry but not bone dry, and 2% alcohol (yes - two percent!). Serve it in a white wine glass at 45-50-ish degrees Fahrenheit. The SCOBY ("symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast") that facilitates the fermentation process remains in the bottle; you may drink or remove it. LAU will continue to improve in the bottle for up to 3 years. Drink it as a low- (almost no-) alcohol aperitif or with soft-cheeses, white meats, or chocolate.
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