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2021 Tempa di Zoe Paestum Aglianico - Diciotto

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Tempa di Zoè is the new project of the irrepressible and eclectic Bruno de Conciliis, maestro of Cilento, a coastal slice of Campania southeast of Naples. 'Tempa' refers to the rolling hills of Cilento, and 'Zoè' is the Greek word for the essence of life. Farming is organic. Paestum is a wine appellation corresponding roughly to Cilento and named after the famous ancient Greek city, three of whose 5th- and 6th-century BC temples you can still visit today. 'Diciotto' is 100% aglianico, Campania’s most important red variety. Fermentation is in stainless steel and aging for 12 months in oak barriques. The nose is dark-fruited and wild, both herby and spicy. The well-balanced tannins make this an easy and rewarding aglianico to drink, perhaps with lamb, ragù napolitano, or a cheesy lasagna.
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