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2021 Gaintza Txakolina Rose

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Txakolina rosé is the increasingly popular pink from Spain’s Basque Country. Gaintxa’s is 50% hondarrabi beltza and 50% hondarrabi zuri (that’s black hondarrabi and white hondarrabi, for those who might have misplaced their Basque dictionaries). Hondarrabi zuri is a relative of cabernet franc, and you can discern it in the herbal tones of this rosé. Light red fruits, a saline kick, and the faint prickle of carbonation that characterizes most Txakolina complete the picture. 12% alcohol. Pintxos (Basque tapas) of all sorts, of course. But also other fried seafood preparations, sushi, and herb-crusted cheeses.
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