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2021 Florez Pet-Nat Chardonnay - Mousseux

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This cuvee was vinified with grapes from a steep south facing hillside on Sonoma Mountain with well drained metavolcanic soils, and was farmed by friend and peer David Rothschild, an upcoming figure within the natural California winemakers garde as a proud and skillful organic grower. In the cellar the fruit was destemmed, foot treaded and left to rest on the skins for 3 days while the native fermentation kicked off. The fruit was then pressed and underwent a slow, month-long fermentation before being bottled before dryness to finish fermenting in the bottle and capture a natural sparkle, in the ancient way of mèthode ancenstrale. After 6 months of bottle conditioning the wine was disgorged by hand to remove sediment, a true labor of love. No additions were made to this wine including no added sulfites. ØØ*

Pètillant, amber-hued and with a true mousse character, this cuvee boasts aromas of apple juice and tangerine, and has a palate with good acidity, sweet perception and a hint of tannins from the skin contact. Great for either special occasions or just a good time!

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