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2021 Eclectik Cider - Amer Amor

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Barrel Aged, Barrel Fermented, Dry Farmed, Hand harvested, Indigenous yeast fermented, Méthode Champenoise

Extra Brut French craft hard cider created from the blend of dozens of apple varietals (Normandy, Brittany and Pays d’Othe). Fermented & aged several months in wine barrels, before adding a cofermentation of cider + lemons + bitter oranges. A dash of hops and fresh elderflower added before bottling and natural second fermentation in bottle (Champagne method).
Méthode champenoise is achieved using no cane or other processed sugar. Ciders are aged in still form for a full year in barrel. During the following harvest, unfermented apple juice is added to raise sugar levels, which then ferments in bottle to create the fine bead of carbonation.

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