2020 Toreta Posip Special

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The Lobster is back! This is a new vintage of an old fave from last year. It's from the Croatian island of Korčula, where the grape variety Pošip is the local specialty. Red, iron-rich soils. Two hours of maceration on the skins, followed by 3 months on the lees and then 8 more months in tank, all in stainless steel. 13.5% alcohol. Citrusy, a little floral, and a little mineral. Flavorful and easy to drink, with some character.
From importer Eric Danch: "As the lobster on the label indicates this wine is ideal to drink with just about anything pulled from the sea. Locals pair it with shrimp and tomato pasta, grilled eggplant with capers and creamy pastas with wild fennel. As with all of [producer] Frano’s wines it is defined by the elemental combination of Mediterranean herbs, thick pine forest, sunshine and sea breeze."
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