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2020 Poderi Colla Barbera d'Alba - Costa Bruna

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Poderi Colla Barbera "Costa Bruna" is grown inside of one of Barbaresco’s great crus, Roncaglie, these eighty-year-old Barbera vines (the majority in the blend of vines) are in a perfect south exposition, a privileged spot almost exclusively planted to Nebbiolo. Tino Colla's reasoning is that it’s been here for more than eighty years and he trusts that they knew what they were doing back in the day. “When we replant, it will be Barbera.” This Barbera is “Costa Bruna.”
These ancient vines are one reason for the wine's intensity and concentration, velvety and with a fresh and pleasant acidity. It produces small bunches of straggly superlative quality grapes, with berries that are similarly small, but rich in colour, fleshy and sweet. The new rooted grafts were obtained from the masal selection of the old strains.
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