2019 Oskar Maurer Kadarka

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From importer/distributor Eric Danch:
'This is the grape that brought us down into Serbia in the first place. Kadarka was planted on these sandy soils in 1880, 1912 and 1925. The parent grapes are thought to be Papazkarasi originating from the border between Bulgaria and Turkey and Skardarsko which is native to the border area between Albania and Montenegro. Ottoman wars pushed Kadarka up unto Hungary and spread into modern Romania, Slovakia, and Croatia. At one point it made up around 60% of all red plantings in the Hungarian Kingdom but fell to below 1% by the end of Communism due to it not being fit for industrial farming. Oszkár Maurer and handful of other growers like Heimann & Fiai, Bott Frigyes, Sziegl, and others are bringing it back to life and with dozens of pre-phylloxera clones. Maurer’s version is a benchmark for us. Bush trained, very low yields (.5 kg), a hint of botrytis included, destemmed, open vat fermented, and then barreled down to 350 L used Hungarian oak for 12 months. Unfined, unfiltered, and with a small addition of SO2 at bottling. '
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