2019 Negotians Vinarius Tardif Posip

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"Negotians vinarius" was the job description of the tradesmen who shipped wine to and traded with ancient Rome from the islands of what are now Croatia. Organic farming and low intervention winemaking evangelist Marko Kovač is a modern negotians vinarius. For this wine, he collaborates with farmer Petar Marinović and his family in the village of Smokvica on the Croatian island of Korčula. The family organically farms the indigenous variety Pošip ("POE-ship") in their 1-hectare vineyard. The foot trodden grapes are macerated for 3 days in an open vat and then pressed in an old wooden basket press by hand, fermented in tank, and aged one year in tank. All fermentations are spontaneous, and there is no temperature control and no additions except a small amount of sulfur at bottling. This is a beautifully distinctive wine just bordering on orange and with a hint of Sherry-like nuttiness. As importer Eric Danch describes it, "a dense island white wine with violently affectionate tannins." 13.5% alcohol.
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