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2018 Colombera & Garella Vispavola [Vespolina]

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Colombera & Garella is the collaboration of Cristiano Garella, the leader of the Alto (northern) Piemontese renaissance, with his long-time friend Giacomo Colombera and Giacomo’s father, Carlo, in Bramaterra, 15 km west of Gattinara.

This wine is 100% Vespolina - a progeny of Nebbiolo that gives perfume, tannin, and spice, including a signature white pepper note. The grape typically is blended with Nebbiolo in Alto Piemonte; this wine is a rare varietal version. Practicing organic farming in iron-rich reddish-brown porphyritic sand from an ancient volcano. Indigenous fermentation and six months of aging in stainless steel. 13% alcohol. The grape’s common name, “Vespolina”, as well as the fantasy name of this wine, “Vispavola” (another local name for the variety), refer to the grapes’ tendency to attract wasps in the vineyard (vespa/vespe in Italian). Good with peppery dishes as well as anything you’d drink Nebbiolo with.

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