2017 Oskar Maurer Orion - Serbia

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grape = Mézes Fehér, from Srem, Serbia.

'This is a unique look at this grape, in that a natural veil of yeast developed and Maurer ran with it until dryness. This is also darkest and most intense of all the skin contact whites from Oszkár. Mézes Fehér, literally, “honey white” is able to contract a ton of botrytis without dropping acidity. The 2017 harvest had around 20% botrytis infection, the maceration was about 2 weeks, and it took about 1.5 years under the veil to finish fermentation. No blending, no heating/cooling, and no fortification. Tons of dried fruit, caramelized nuts, tea, honey and plenty of acid and tannins to be an absolute goes-with-everything at the table kind of skin contact white. This is a genus of the skin contact world that isn’t found anywhere else.'
- Eric Danch
[This is a wild wine - somewhat akin to a serious Fino perhaps leaning towards Amontillado, and yet different (botrytis, for one thing!). It's salty, savory, long, and beguiling (for those of us who like flor wines). -MM]
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