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2017 I Custodi Etna Rosso - Aetneus

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Mario Paoluzi created I Custodi in 2007, after befriending Mount Etna guru Salvo Foti, who took him to a vineyard that was for sale. I Custodi is a member of Foti’s I Vigneri (the vineyard workers) consorzio, which provides a team of vineyard workers who are expert at tending Etna’s old bush-trained vines in volcanic soils and other technical assistance, as well as the group’s bottle with the embossed alberello vine and “I Vigneri 1435” – the year the original I Vigneri winegrowers’ guild was formed in Catania. (Somewhat confusingly, Salvo Foti also calls the wines he makes under his own label “I Vigneri”.) I Custodi practices organic farming in Etna’s sandy, volcanic, mineral-rich soils. Fermentations are indigenous.
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