Sfera Litro Macerato (Polvanera; 1-liter)

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Sfera is the liter project from Italian wine importer PortoVino: organic farming (certified for this wine), indigenous fermentations, unfined and unfiltered, and in a clear bottle finished with a crown cap. The current version of the Macerato bottling (macerated - i.e., a white with skin contact; a.k.a. orange wine) is grown and made by producer Polvanera in the Gioia del Colle region of Puglia. It’s 100% verdeca, an indigenous Puglian variety that also pops up in Greece, with 14 days of maceration with the skins. 12% alcohol. The wine is lightly floral and herbal, with lemony fruit and high refreshment value. Chill it down and pop it on a sunny deck or porch on a warm day. Or pair it with calamari or spaghetti alle vongole (clams). More information here.
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