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2022 Mortellito Terre Siciliane Bianco Cala Iancu

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Dario Serrentino organically farms 15 hectares of vineyards, plus olive and almond trees, in the Val di Noto, in southeast Sicily. He used to sell all of his fruit - to naturalistas Frank Cornelissen and Lamoresca, among others - but began vinifying and bottling wine as Mortellito in 2014. In a few short years, he's become one of Sicily's most important natural producers. Limestone soils, earlier picking, and a light touch in the cellar yield wines that are fresh, vibrant, and delicious; they're glou-glou with complexity and even a touch of sophistication. Cala Ìancu (“white grapes” in Sicilian) is 90% Grillo and 10% Catarratto from a 4-hectare vineyard of mixed albarello (bush vines) and espalier. 15-20 days of fermentation and several months of aging, all in stainless steel. 13% alcohol.

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