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2022 Envinate Albahra Tinto

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‘Envínate’ (= “wine yourself!") is four friends from different parts of Spain who met in enology school and then banded together to make wines principally from Atlantic-influenced parts of Spain like Galicia and the Canary Islands. But they aren’t afraid to branch out into other parts of the Iberian peninsula. Albahra is garnacha tintorera (a.k.a. alicante bouschet) from a vineyard at 800 meters of elevation in Almansa, in the southeastern tip of Castilla-La Mancha. The wine has dark red, juicy fruit with fresh, carbonic aromas. It’s a distinctive and deft intersection of fruity-floral-herbal, with good acidity and medium-low tannin. Enjoy it with vegetable stew (including pisto manchego), eggplant, or even heartier seafood dishes.
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